"We are Marsh Tea. We are three.

In the deep forests and cold waters of Finland our music has been brewed. Stirred by storms... and for quite a while now.

But finally the time has come to step out of those woods, swim to the shore and say 'hi'.

So, greetings!

Come with us. Follow us back to the forest. Back to the shore. Back to the marsh.

We've got an album to make!”

Marsh Tea is a progressive metal/rock trio from Finland. Their music is a roller coaster ride, a powerful blend of emotions running from hate to love and from fear to joy. Everything you'd expect from a fearless scandinavian prog band!

Currently the band is working closely with producer/engineer Tuomas Kokko as they're starting the pre-production phase of their debut album. Follow the journey on social media!

Marsh Tea is

Teemu Liekkala : vocals, guitars
Nils Ursin : bass, keyboards
Valtteri Revonkorpi : drums, piano


Juha Ruusunen
juha at

Album pre-production demos